Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giveaways Ending 11/1-11/15

Mama Loves Her Bargains- $25 Amazon Gift Card Ends 11/1*R
Peace Love & Poop- Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier Ends 11/1*R
Mommy Kat & Kids- E FUN Nextbook 6 Ends 11/1*R
Mommy Kat & Kids- Nickelodeon Favorites Merry Christmas DVD Ends 11/1*R
Mommy Kat & Kids- Gruffalo DVD Ends 11/1*R
Formula Mom- My Swim Baby PlanetWise Sports Bag Ends 11/1*R
Our Kids Mom- Lion King Diamond Edition BluRay/DVD Ends 11/1*R
Simply Stacie- The Cat in the Hat Trick or Treat DVD Ends 11/1*R
So Easy Being Green- Painted Owl T shirt Ends 11/1R
Mom Always Finds Out- EO Hand Soap & Body Lotion Ends 11/1*R
Cloth Diaper Geek- Ecoposh Newborn or OS Fitted Diaper Ends 11/1*R
The Mama Report- Spooky Buddies DVD Ends 11/1*R
Airplanes and Dragonflies- Winnie the Pooh Blu Ray/DVD Ends 11/1R
Kate & Kaboodle- Chuggington: Chugger Championship Ends 11/1*R
Change Diapers- $30 Eco Mom Gift Card Ends 11/1R

Haute Mommy- Haute Green/Haute Mommy Swag Bag Ends 11/2*R
Tree Huggin' Momma- $20 Gift Card to Wee Little Changes Ends 11/2*R
Beautifully Bella Faith- Mother Ease OS System Ends 11/2*R
Change Diapers- Thirsties Fab Fitted and Duo Wrap Ends 11/2R
Mommy & Me Giveaways- Cantaloop Nursing Undershirt Ends 11/2*R
Eco Baby Mama Drama- fitted diaper(s) from Graham Bear Wear (choice of OS, Sized, 3-pack of newborn) Ends 11/2*R

Mommy & Me Giveaways- Applecheeks diaper Ends 11/3*R
Mommy & Me Giveaways- Thirsties Duo Diaper Ends 11/3*R
Life in This World- Dr. Ayalas Herbal Water Ends 11/3*R
Change Diapers- Eco Babies Starter Pack Ends 11/3R

Simple- HALO sleep sack Ends 11/4R
Mommy & Me Giveaways- $25 Nanny Deprived Gift Card Ends 11/4*R
Mama to 4 Blessings- $25 Gift Card to Dapper Snapper Ends 11/4*R
Life With My Littles- $20 Gift Card to Bouncing Babies Ends 11/4*R
Mama NYC- HALO ComfortLuxe Sleepwear set Ends 11/4*R 2 Rumparooz Lil Joeys in Pumpkin color Ends 11/4*R

Eco Baby Mama Drama- Tropical Traditions Oxygen Bleach Ends 11/5*R
Cloth Diaper Addict- Gift Card for 2 week supply of Milkin Cookies Ends 11/5G

Two Classy Chics- Angelina Ballerina 3 piece DVD Ends 11/6*R
Two Classy Chics- Basa Body Coconut Oil Lotion Ends 11/6*R
Tales From the Nursery- Heirloom Oval Xylophone Ends 11/6*R
The Reynolds Mom- Basa Body Coconut Oil Lotion Ends 11/6*R
Kate & Kaboodle- Basa Body Coconut Oil Lotion Ends 11/6*R
Fabulous Finds by November Girl- Softbums Ends 11/6*R

Our Jacobsen Family- Smartipants diaper Ends 11/7*R
Our Jacobsen Family- Thirsties Duo Diaper Ends 11/7*R
Our Jacobsen Family- GoGreen cloth diaper Ends 11/7*R
Our Jacobsen Family- Oh Katy Diaper Ends 11/7*R
Eco-Babyz- $16.99 Credit to Bamboobies Ends 11/7*R
Acting Balanced- Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil Ends 11/7*R
Simple- $20 Fancy Bucks Ends 11/7*R
Simple- Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 diaper Ends 11/7*R
Simple- Winnie the Pooh DVD Ends 11/7*R
Our Kids Mom- Angelina Ballerina Dancing on Ice DVD Ends 11/7*R
Our Kids Mom- Chuggington: The Chugger Championship Ends 11/7*R
Tailor Made Mom- Mo Dia Pocket diaper- choice of instock Ends 11/7*R
Saga of Surf Mommie- Smartipants Ends 11/7*R
Life With My Littles- $25 Gift Card to Wee Willie Winks Ends 11/7*R
Simple- mini maestro Ends 11/7*R
Brookie's Baby Bargains- Zookies cover Ends 11/7*R

Natural Parents Network- Skinies Nursing Cami Ends 11/8*R
Mommy Kat & Kids- Dora Celebrates 3 Kings Day Ends 11/8*R
Mommy Kat & Kids- VacciShield Dietary Supplement Ends 11/8*R
Mama Loves Bargains- Lion King Diamond Edition Ends 11/8*R
Coping With Frugality- Tropical Traditions Antioxidant Natural Greens Ends 11/8*R
Momma in Flip Flops- Tiny Tush fitted diaper Ends 11/8*R
Simple- Bug on a Rug OS AIO Ends 11/8*R
Simple- Go Green Champ Ends 11/8*R
Cloth Diaper Addiction- Thirsties Duo Diaper from Comfy Bummy Ends 11/8G

New Age Mama- Customized Laptop Skin Ends 11/9*R
Sisters n Cloth- Little Bee Co. Bee Changed Bamboo Diaper Ends 11/9*R
Mom to Bed by 8- Chuggington: The Chugger Championship Ends 11/9*R
Simple- Smartipants Ends 11/9*R
Cloth Diaper Addiction- itti bitti tutto Ends 11/9G
Sisters in Cloth- Incredibum Ends 11/9*R

New Age Mama- Family Talks and Lumps Ends 11/10*R
Newly Crunchy Mama of 3- Tropical Traditions Canadian Raw Honey Ends 11/10*R
Momma Told Me- 2 dozen Cake Pop Creation Ends 11/10*R
Mommy & Me Giveaways- itti bitti tutto Ends 11/10*R
Simple- Bummis Easy Fit Ends 11/10*R
Simple- Wooly Rounds dryer balls Ends 11/10*R

Mommy & Me Giveaways- Project Iris long sleeve shirt Ends 11/12*R
Double Duty Mommy- itti bitti tutto diaper Ends 11/12*R
Thrifty Nifty Mommy- Gyrobowl Ends 11/12G

Mama on a Green Mission- Babykicks 3g Ends 11/13*R
The Changing Table- $60 Diapering Accessory package Ends 11/13

Our Jacobsen Family- $20 Gift Card to Fluffy Rump Ends 11/14*R
Our Jacobsen Family- Rockin Green Ends 11/14*R
Our Jacobsen Family- $25 Gift Card to Banana Peels Ends 11/14*R
Mommy & Me Giveaways- Boppy with cover & shopping cart cover Ends 11/14*R
Thrifty Nifty Mommy- Incredibum diaper Ends 11/14G
Bottom of the Sixth- 123 Cloth Me diaper Ends 11/14*R
Cloth Diaper Addiction- Tender Tushies Ends 11/14G
Making Time for Mommy- Dayspring's Recordable Book Ends 11/14

Granny Loves Gift Baskets- Basa Body Coconut Oil Lotion Ends 11/15*R
Cloth Diaper Addiction- Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Ends 11/15G
Playdate Crashers- KoalaKin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch Ends 11/15R

* denotes a giveaway with entries for daily tweets available
R denotes Rafflecopter giveaways
G denotes Google form giveaways

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