Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home again (Again)

Emma responded well to treatment and we are back home now. Her jaundice was not severe, so we were not too worried about it. (I had severe jaundice as an infant and turned out fine.) She was also dehydrated though. I had to have Magnesium Sulfate in my IVs at the hospital and was told that would delay my milk coming in (but it's great now), and apparently Emma wasn't getting enough water out of the colostrum, so we were worried about not having any wet diapers for a very long time. She did have to be on IVs for her stay because of the dehydration (and bili-lights apparently make that worse) and didn't have much of an appetite because of the extra hydration. But now we are back to normal with dirty and wet diapers and feedings. I'll try to post a more cohesive birth story and re-admission story at some point, but my brain is mush now and prbably will be until I get used to our new sleeping schedule:)

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  1. So happy for you! I want to just jump in the car to come see you guys.