Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back to the Hospital

Yesterday when we were discharged, they said Emma had slight jaundice and we needed to come back today to recheck it and see if it was improving or worsening. We took her in for a quick blood draw after church and she did so well! She didn't even cry! Unfortunately, the doctor said her levels were worse and she needs to be re-admitted. The good news is since she was discharged yesterday she will not go back to the nursery and will have her own room in pediatrics, so Jason and I can stay with her, and it won't even interfere with breastfeeding. Of course we are concerned and appreciate any thoughts and prayers sent our way, but we are thankful we will be able to be with her. Our internet was spotty while we were there before, so I can't promise updates before we get home and we are unsure how long it will be (it just depends on how long it takes her to respond).


  1. Hope all goes well. She is so pretty and you look good. Precious picture of you two. Take care and rest when you can.

  2. She will do fine! Thanks for the update.

  3. If they want to put her under bili-lights, you might ask if they have a "bili-blanket." It's a blanket of bili-lights that enables you to still hold her (and nurse) while she's getting a bili-light treatment.