Friday, March 20, 2009

Emma's Room

Okay I have been veto-ing pink nursery decorations for like 2 days. It is shocking that 97% of all girl nursery decor is pink...I mean come on girls wear and like colors other than pink. I have had to veto so much because one of my platform baby issues was "Thou shalt not have a pink room in thy house". Lilac and Lavender are acceptable.


  1. Liar! ;P That is so not true! He has been telling me for possibly a YEAR or more that there shall be no pink, not a few days.

  2. Lilac and Lavender are very good colors! I saw on tv a room that was painted just on the bottom half with a border running down the middle. That way it's not too much color! Good luck and can't wait to see it!