Friday, March 20, 2009

Emma's bedding

This is the bedding we have picked out for Emma's room. (Click the picture to see a larger image.) Jason has told me from the beginning, possibly even before I got pregnant, that he DOES NOT want a pink room in our house, so if we had a girl we could paint lilac or sage or something. We haven't decided on the wall color 100% for sure yet. We'll probably wait until we get the bedding and then take it to Home Depot with us or something to make sure it looks right.

These are the pillows that go with the set. You can't see them really well in the picture, but they are just too cute, so I had to put them up, too!

Here are the wall hangings that go with it. We won't be buying them, but either Jason will paint them on the wall or my mom will print them (one of the perks of your mom owning her own printing business) and the border.


  1. That is a cute set. I like it. You could choose any of those colors for the paint.

  2. OMG! This is sooo adorable!! I love it! We feel the same way about pink. It's a total no no in our house. Haha. Luv ya!
    Your Sis,

  3. How cute! You know I love the turtles!!! Are you going to get it from Babies R Us? We took the main quilt to Home Depot and picked a color and it turned out great.

  4. Nope. Not Babies 'R' Us. We (and when I say we, I mean Brenda- she has been so great!) bought it on eBay because that's the cheapest place we could find it, and the accessories like the matching lampshade, valances, pillows, etc/ are coming from WalMart/Target, again because that is where they were cheapest. But we'll get the paint by taking it in to Home Depot or WalMart or something. I'd just hate to buy paint and then get them and realize I had remembered wrong or the color in my monitor was off or something. When we get the nursery all set up, I'll make sure to post new pics so you can see it with the paint color.