Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birth Plan

I have my rough draft here of my birth plan. I've made it all fit on one page. Some things that are very important to me were intentionally left out because it is actually hospital protocol to do them (i.e. delayed cord clamping) and I was trying to save room to make it 1 page. Any other thoughts or suggestions?


Birth Plan

Mother: Holly and Baby: Joshua

Labor & Delivery

  • I plan on having the freedom to eat & drink during labor.

  • I would like to labor without cervical checks, artificial rupture of membranes, pitocin (even for the 3rd stage unless used to treat postpartum hemorrhage), IVs, episiotomy, forceps, vacuum, or other interventions in the natural, physiological process of birth unless there is a clear medical indication of a problem.

  • I plan to use relaxation, breathing, laboring in water, warm compresses, massage, changing positions, and other similar measures as pain relief, rather than drugs. Please feel free to make suggestions that fit within these categories, but do not offer an epidural or any other drug for pain relief. If I feel it is necessary, I will ask for it.

  • I will follow body's directions and instincts for pushing and will ask if I need direction.

  • I would like to labor without time limits as long as baby & I are both doing well, during both 2nd and 3rd stages.

Newborn care

  • Our baby should be immediately placed on my chest after birth. All measurements and assessments can either be delayed or can be done with the baby on my chest.

  • Please do not bathe the baby during our hospital stay. We would like to do this ourselves and with our own products.

  • Our baby will be left intact. His foreskin should not be retracted, cleaned, stretched, etc.

  • I have prepared waivers for the routine Vitamin K injection, neonatal ocular prophylaxis, and Hepatitis B vaccine.

  • I would like PKU and any other routine tests done by heel prick to be done while the baby is nursing, to avoid unnecessary pain.

Infant Feeding

  • Our baby will be EXCLUSIVELY breastfed. No pacifiers, artificial nipples, formula, water, sugar water, or medications without consultation with myself and/or my husband. If we are not available and our baby is not in immediate danger, the answer is no. If we agree that supplementation is necessary, I will hand express colostrum and spoon feed before considering other options. I will hand express and/or pump breastmilk and cup feed or use a supplemental nursing system before considering bottle feeding. I will not consider formula until all other options have been exhausted.


  • Our baby will be rooming in with us, and we would like him to stay with us at all times. If there is a situation which requires our baby leaving the room, I would like my husband to accompany him whenever possible.

  • We will be using cloth diapers and cloth wipes. Please do not put disposable diapers on our baby or use disposable wipes for any reason. There is a family history of hypersensitivity to disposable diapers.

  • We would like to leave for home as soon as possible, rather than stay in the hospital as long as our insurance allows. Please let us know when that is possible.

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