Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Musings

Not unlike many other parents, I have Halloween on the mind today. I've participated in a few Facebook discussions over the last few days about Christians and Halloween, and I'm curious what others think. I know many are concerned about the demonic origins of the holiday while others see it as innocent fun where children dress up and get candy. There are stranger-dangers to be aware of and as one good friend pointed out, inappropriate dress from which to guard our children (and ourselves!) On top of the health concerns of too much candy in a society where obesity and even diabetes are more and more common, even elementary school-aged children. I DO NOT like the idea of confusing a small child by telling them not to go to a stranger's house or accept things from strangers 364 days a year and then encouraging it on Halloween.
My compromise is that we got Emma a Halloween costume (avoiding anything demonic or occult like devils and witches or even anything scary) that appropriately covers everything it needs to cover and are taking her trick-or-treating at the houses of a few friends, family, church members, and neighbors that we know and trust. We also took her to our church's Fall Festival over the weekend where she got more than enough candy (even if we weren't going to take her trick-or-treating!) and got to play games and bounce in the bounce house.
I'm curious. What does everyone else do?

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