Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Almost missed my (self-inflicted) deadline again. What's on my mind today? Baby Joshua. This poor kid will be here in 8-ish weeks and still has no middle name and not enough diapers. I have at least sorted and washed clothes and some diapers for him. That's a start. Now I need to find a suitcase to pack some stuff for me (and for him) and start a large diaper bag to take with us. I finally made my baby registries. I'll put some links down at the bottom even ;) I'll go to Ace Hardware here in town and register there too. (I know that sounds totally bizarre to most people reading this, but that's one of the common places for baby gifts here in town!) I don't want to start washing the next round of diapers yet because I am waiting on some in the mail and hoping I win a few more. I need to get the car seat out of storage and wash the removal cloth cover part. So much to do still, and I'm getting anxious because Emma was so early, so it makes me feel like I have much less time.

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