Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings

Today I have church on my mind. We are mid-revival at my church, and I am loving it! Brother Danny L Moody, president of Arlington Baptist College in Arlington, TX, is preaching for the revival, and I just love him! He was one of the speakers at church camp this summer when Jason & I took our youth group, and he preached a couple of times while we were in-between pastors, so he has gotten to know our little church pretty well, and we are having a blast!

Yesterday morning, one of the school's "Impact Teams" were there also. They did the youth Sunday School class for us and were awesome! They taught the kids a new song and sang some old favorites, did a great skit, and taught an awesome lesson on how no one is insignificant: God can use us all!

Bro. Moody preached both the morning and evening services (with a potuck in between!), and I just love the way he tells it like it is without trying to sugar-coat anything! "If I'm rubbin' the fur the wrong way, turn the cat around!" I've been picking up one of the girls in our youth group and her grandfather for a couple of weeks now. On the way home last night he mentioned that Bro. Moody sure did step on some toes. (Tithe was mentioned in the pm service, and some people apparently don't like being reminded that they're pocketing God's money.) I replied that I figured if he stepped on my toes, then my toes shouldn't have been there and the same goes for anyone else. He laughed but went from looking grumpy to thoughtful.

Anyone else have an awesome weekend?

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