Thursday, April 22, 2010

A cost-benefit analysis of crawling

I was so excited when Emma started crawling. It is wonderful to see your child grow, learn, and develop before your very eyes, to get to see the wonder, fascination, and pride when they have mastered something new, but now I've decided I don't know what to think about crawling. Of course, Emma's gained a little (but not too much) independence and will happily play with her toys as long as Mama doesn't disappear (which includes potty breaks!). And she loves, loves, LOVES to chase after the cats. And I don't have to carry/hold her all the time. Sometimes she prefers to "chase" me around the house. But then there's the dog food. And the cat food. And although, thankfully, she has never tried to eat it, the cat litter that inevitably gets on the hallway floor and can never be kept entirely swept up for longer than it takes for a cat to walk to the hall closet where we've "hidden" the litter box. But then I see the simple joy when she can crawl across the room to get a ball that rolled or a toy that threw. To see her tiny sense of accomplishment in such a mundane task that would irritate or exasperate most of us. It kind of gives you a new sense of wonder for the world and allows you to see things through the innocence of a child again, just for a moment.

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  1. Oh, I'm sure she will eat the cat or dog food sometime. Get one of those swiffer sweepervac for quick sweeping of the floors. I love mine in the kitchen and bathrooms.