Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Battle of the blog

Just as I was determined I was going to keep up on my blog, Emma came down with RSV and we spent some time at Jackson County Memorial Hospital in Altus. She now owns her own nebulizer (which I am pleased to say we have not used in a couple of weeks) and got IV fluids, antibiotics, and oxygen. She wouldn't eat more than a teaspoon or so of baby food and didn't nurse well, so she lost a couple of pounds but is all caught back up now.
Emma's now sleeping in her own bed- not because we didn't enjoy snuggling with her all night anymore but because we were unintentionally waking her throughout the night and she sleeps much better in her own room.
Emma is also learning so much so fast! She has been pulling herself up to standing since she was 4 1/2 months old. She started crawling at 7 months, got her first (and so far only) tooth 2 weeks after that, and started "cruising" or walking holding on to couches, furniture, etc. at 8 months and is getting better and better at it! She has said some words although I'm not convinced she knows what she's saying. So far she has said Mama and Dada many times, Jaya (the dog) several times, Layla (one of the cats) a couple of times, and "Bye-bye Dada" once(well several times but only one occasion).
Pictures when I get home and more blogging (barring unforeseen circumstances) in the future.

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  1. Blog when you can! I will keep coming back:) Would love to see updated pics!