Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm baaaaaccckkk...

Ok. I've been a total slacker. I really enjoy blogging, but it seems life has just gotten in the way the last couple of months. I'm determined to keep it up from now on. (We'll see) In stead of going on and on, I'll be brief and put up a few months' pictures in review a little later.
Well, we've all been ok, aside from Jason's gout and some stupid Oklahoma (or Snowklahoma as it has been renamed) weather. Thanksgiving was great, Christmas was wonderful too although stretched out due to a blizzard. Emma will be 7 months old tomorrow and is just so much fun! She's babbling almost constantly now, has been sitting up on her own for almost 3 months now and has pulled herself up on furniture for a couple of weeks now. She has tried many different fruits and vegetables and a couple of different meats. She loves trying to grab my food off my plate, but doesn't have any teeth yet so she doesn't get much.
I've been watching Jason's cousin's two kids- Rebecca who is nearly 4 and Cullen, 3 1/2 who have been having a blast playing with Emma everyday!
Pictures to come soon and I promise to be better about updating so come back soon!

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