Thursday, October 1, 2009

Emma's first cold

Emma's just getting over her first cold. She & I (Jason had to work) went to OKC Saturday to my friend's son's first birthday party. It was great getting to catch up with friends that I haven't seen much (or some of them at all) since we moved. Then we met my dad and little brother for dinner on our way out of town (and I forgot to take pictures!) at Waffle House. By the time we got home, Emma was congested and "snarfing" (that's what my mama always called it) so we had to use the "booger-getter" (another of mom's euphemisms) which she DID NOT like! By the time we got to Brenda's after church for lunch, she had a low-grade fever. I gave her Tylenol and we took a nap. She seemed to be feeling better so we went back for church Sunday evening, but by bedtime, she was choking om the drainage frequently and her fever was getting worse.

She seemed a little better Monday morning, but not for long. She's on SoonerCare now since she can't be on our new insurance through O-EPIC, and we had to switch doctors because the old one didn't take it, and they wanted me to bring her in Wednesday. I kinda grumbled to myself and made the appointment, thinking to myself that if I could get in sooner somewhere else, we just wouldn't go to this doctor. When they started taking all our info and got to date of birth, she said, "Oh! This is just a little baby!" To which I replied, "Yes that's why I hoped I could get her in today since she's had a fever for 2 days now." She told me there was no way today would work but put me on hold and came back to tell me they could squeeze me in first thing in the morning. I was ok with that (by this time after multiple calls to SoonerCare it was almost 3:00) so we went Tuesday at 8am, and I really liked this new doctor. He was very thorough and tested her for the flu and took blood for a CBC and blood culture just in case but told me he was pretty sure she just had a viral infection (a cold) but to keep a cloise eye on her and bring her back right away if her fever returned since fever can be dangerous in such a young baby. Other than a couple more run-ins with the booger-getter, she's been just fine since then, but we're getting ready to go back for a follow-up appointment.

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