Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An unfortunate ending

After much deliberation, prayer, and not a few tears I have decided to give up breastfeeding Emma. I have been on Reglan but my milk supply continues to lessen rather than increase. I can no longer feed her enough even at one setting, having to supplement after she has eaten all that she can and can't even do that every feeding. I wish I could continue but feel it is best for her nutriotion, after all the problems she has had, to bottle-feed instead. I can no longer get out any milk while pumping, so she will be strictly formula-fed from now on. I'm disappointed as I had hoped to have her back to strictly the breast after she caught up in weight gain, but I just can't keep up with what she needs, and I want to make sure she gets what she needs. On a brighter note, she is still gaining weight at more than twice the expected rate and the doctor is pleased. She is on track to be caught up by her 4 month check up!

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