Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Long time, no post

Our computer(s) have been on the fritz for a long time, (2 of them bit the dust, and we've been having problems with this one for like a month) so I am going to post while it is working. Emma struggled with weight gain for the first 7 weeks of life. She only gained, on average, half an ounce a day instead of a full ounce like the doctors wanted. I was disappointed to have to begin supplementing with formula but wanted to do what was best for Emma. The doctor was on the verge of diagnosing her with failure to thrive if she did not start gaining weight more quickly. That was on a Friday. We started supplementing her- every other time formula or pumped breastmilk instead of breastfeeding- that day and she gained 7.5 ounces by Monday! Her next appointment was the following Tuesday (yesterday) and she gained 22.5 ounces in 8 days! So she is averaging over 2 ounces a day now and it shouldn't take her long to catch up. The doctor thinks that she was having trouble sucking hard enough to get enough milk from me, and that when the endorphins kicked in she just went to sleep instead of finishing eating. When we started supplementing, I also began having problems with my supply, so I am now on Reglan to help boost my breastmilk, so she continues to get as much of that as possible.

Yesterday Emma got her first shots. I knew she would cry- after all it hurts and she doesn't understand what's going on- but I kind of thought the nurse would be a little more gentle. She has a bruise the size of a quarter on one of her thighs now and all 3 shots bled a lot (in comparison to her size) more than I expected. She's had fever and REALLY bad gas (I'm blaming that on the oral vaccince they gave her) ever since and her poor little thighs hurt if you touch them. So she has spent most of the last 2 days naked since she is so hot and either nursing or sleeping. She's not been her usual happy, alert self and I can't wait until that is over!

I can't figure out this new operating system (a version of Linux) Jason put on the computer, but I promise new pictures soon. Check out her album on my facebook if you need some to hold you over until then :) !

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