Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First thunderstorm = first portraits

The electricity went out last night when a thunderstorm blew through at 75 mph and knocked down several power lines. This made for a rough night since Emma's little tummy had been upset anyway and now we were all hot on top of it. This morning there was still no power, so Jason called Brenda to see if she had power so Emma and I could go to her house. The whole town was out of power. Including Brenda's office, so we decided this would be a great day to go to Wichita Falls and get Emma's pictures made since we didn't want to stay at home with no a/c anyway. Brenda's sister lives there and wanted to see Emma anyway. The power came back on just as we were leaving, but Brenda's boss had already said he was leaving town, too so we headed out anyway. We went to Penney's and got a lot of great pictures. Check out my facebook or myspace for all of them but here are a couple of my favorites!


  1. I think she looks like Jason in the one in the middle.

  2. Precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!