Thursday, June 18, 2009

2 Baby Showers

Ok, I have been so busy that I have not posted anything about the 2 other baby showers I had- one with my dad's family (and Kari) in Oklahoma City on the 6th and one at our church here in Frederick on the 13th. First of all, let me say that I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends and family who have given Jason and I gifts, at the showers and in the mail or just handed to us from people that couldn't make it to a shower. We are so blessed! In addition to the hand-me-downs we have received (thank you so much Amanda and Jennifer), we got so much at the showers themselves! I haven't even had time to go through all the hand-me-downs yet, but I think the only big thing we're missing is the monitor (which we have ordered but it hasn't shipped yet) and the high chair (which we got a gift card for but were waiting to buy until we knew whether or not someone else was going to give us one. So we are pretty much set. We have (just listing the major stuff) all the nursery furniture (crib, changing table, chest of drawers, and armoir), swing, 2 different styles of bouncy chairs, an infant bather, stroller/car seat travel set, a breast pump, one of those backwards-backpack style carriers, lots of clothes, toys, diapers, and wipes. I still want a sling-style carrier, but we have multiple gift cards, and I think that my sister-in-law might even have one that she just didn't know I wanted so it wasn't included in the other hand-me-downs. You guys are all so awesome. I feel much more baby ready now than I did a month ago! Now if we could just get the baby furniture put together and the a/c fixed...

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