Friday, May 1, 2009

What a day!

Jason and I went to the first doctor visit of the third trimester yesterday. It was a little anti-climactic after all we went through. We always make a trip of it when we go to the doctor wince we have to go all the way to Lawton. We borrowed his cousin's pickup so we could get some stuff to make more fence (Jason wants it to go up to the front porch, so no one can just walk up to Emma's bedroom window.) after we went to Sam's and Walmart. Well, his cousin keeps the keys in that pickup, and apparently last time we borrowed it, Jason didn't turn the key exactly to the off position, and it ran the battery down. So we knew we had to jump it before we leftand got to Michael's house with just enough time to do just that. But Jason forgot that this pickup comes with the stupidest feature ever to be included on a vehicle... the doors lock automatically, not when you put it in gear like some, but when you turn it on. Jason now calls this the "lock my keys in the car for me" feature. Sigh. So we had to drive out to Michael's work and pick up the extra key from him and drive back to unlock the pickup. We're already late at this point, so I called to say I would be about 15-20 minutes late for my appointment. And was told that if you are more than 15 minutes late,you have to reschedule. Ugh. So Jason kinda ignored the speed limit, and we made it 18 minutes late. He dropped me off at the door while he went to go park, and I prayed they weren't too strict about it. Turns out, Dr. Jones was running behind anyway because he had to go deliver a baby earlier in the day, so the receptionist told me to just act like I was only 15 minutes late, and she would slip me in.
The appointment itself went fine. My uterus is measuring exactly where it's supposed to, and Emma's heart rate was 150, which is perfectly normal. My results for the glucose screening were fine, and my thyroid, while now on the low side of normal, is still within normal limits. Yay! But still, after all that trouble getting there, it was rather anti-climactic.
After that we went to McDonald's because I had forgotten to eat lunch and was starving. On the way out of the parking lot, we went over a harmless-looking speed bump which caused strawberry soda to spew all over the cab of the pickup. No napkins, kleenex, or other absorbant material anywhere. So we continued on Sam's, both of us cover in starwberry soda on at least one hand. No paper towels at their gas station. So we went inside and were going to wash our hands in the bathroom before we started shopping. It's closed for renovations. Sigh. We just shopped with strawberry soda. We got everything we needed at Sam's and then Walmart (including cold and frozen food with a broken air conditioner) and went to Home Depot to pick up fence stuff. I ran inside just long to go potty (and wash my hands finally!) and then back out to the truck to open up the Clorox wipes to clean up the truck. Once we got home and got the cold stuff put away things settled down, but we still had to return Michael's pickup and get my car. We ended up staying to vist for a long time, and didn't get home until late. It was quite an adventurous day!


  1. Sounds fun! After the baby, you will never go any where without baby wipes or some tipe of rag/blanket! Glad all is well with your belly.

  2. Funny day! Glad you and baby are good. Emjoyed hearing you 2 sing Sunday.