Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby shower at Mom's

Well, I couldn't figure out how to format the pictures like I wanted, but this is as good as it gets today :) We were having so much fun that we kinda forgot to take many pictures, but here's what I have. My mom, 2 of my aunts, my grandma, my sister and 2 cousins, each with their little ones stayed for the shower while then men all went out for various outdoor activities. We played the baby shower version of "The Price is Right" where we guessed how much various baby products cost- I was terrible at it, by the way- then attempted to guess the flavor of 8 different varieties of baby food on sight alone (also bad at that one). While waiting for Kylie to come home, we snacked on shower food and cake. Once my sister got off work and was able to join us, we played "I never" and everyone had to add change to Emma's new piggy bank (That was actually tons of fun!) and I opened up presents from my family- lots of cute, cute clothes, a really cool baby book set, the piggy bank of course, a baby book, and several gift cards for things I had registered for which had become online only. During the presents we played present bingo, and I won a reed diffuser gift set. Not too long after the shower, the guys came home and we had hamburgers- and some more cake- and those who lived far off left for home. Jason and I stayed until way too late (about 9:30) and made it home around 1am. But we had a blast and it was so worth it to get to see mom's side of the family. In a week and a half, we'll do it all again with my dad's family in OKC at my grandma's house. I can't wait to see them too!

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