Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bath time fun

This weekend when I was miserable and sick (I'm feeling much better now) I decided that a nice warm bath might help clear up some congestion and thus relieve some of my sinus pressure. Brenda's bathtub drains slowly but constantly, so soon my bath was half over before I was half done. I decided that rather than get out of the tub (the only other thing I had to do was feel lousy), I would just top it off with some more warm water. I made it a little warmer than I had intended, but it felt so good and actually helped my face not hurt. As soon as it filled up and I warmed up, Emma starting kicking me like crazy and didn't stop for a good 30 minutes after I got out of the tub! I told Jason we're going to have fun when she gets old enough to take a bath by herself if she already loves it this much!

1 comment:

  1. Bath time was one of the first big kicks I felt from Ethan! He loves his baths now! Try laying on your side and turning on your back and see what she does. It's fun to see them move around!